Broadband still lagging – no way!

Ireland are still lagging in terms of broadband usage, of which the level of penetration stands at 5.34%, compared with a high of almost 24% in the Netherlands.

Great what you come across reading Aertel.

It is a bit shocking though in fairness. God knows we’re slow to get the ball rolling on most things in this country but you’d think people would slowly start to come around to the idea with all these new companies offering BB connections springing up.

A report from the EU says obstacles remain in Ireland with regard to the further development of competition in the fixed and roadband markets. It says this is especially so because of the limitations on ComReg’s power to enforce decisions.

Between dodgy Luas lines, a sinking port tunnel and countless other activities that are falling behind time, you think we’ll ever get on top of this whole broadband uptake?

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