Good Luck Leaving Certers

Today marks the fifth anniversary of when I picked up my Leaving Cert results in the CBS in Kilkenny. Jesus, the walk up the lane at the side of the school around to the front door was one of the longest I can remember, never mind being handed the results in that little brown envelope, teachers around you already knowing your result but waiting for you to react first. The only result I was worried about was the maths result (had pretty much lost interest until picking up maths again for two years in college). Same story with the friend I had taken the walk to the school with that morning. Two years of studying, cramming, a bit of fear, hint of panic, desperation, nerves… all lead to that moment.

The relief then when that envelope was opened!

Today then, its the turn of another 50,000+ students and again this year I know quite a few (some of who I’m working on a show with at the moment) and wish them all the very best.

The maths numbers continue to be the big worry though with over 4,000 people failing ordinary level maths and a bit of a cockup in the honours paper leading to lower results as well. Maybe a review of the delivery of the maths course should be on the cards. Either way, knowing that there’s a few fifth years and leaving cert people who read the blog, the best of luck to you, enjoy your new found freedom and everything you get to do in life!

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