Microsoft’s M4d Sk1llz

Came across this article online this morning. Seems that Microsoft are keen on helping parents understand “leet speak” in case their children get wrapped up in the evil internet or they want to make sure their child isn’t involved in hacking the planet or something.

The culture of leetspeak encourages new forms, and users award individual creativity. The result is a dynamic written language that eludes conformity or consistency.

We’ve all seen it, its as bad as those cryptic text messages you see ten year old kids sending each other but Microsoft (with the article published in their Child Safety section back in March) want to make sure that you’re aware of how your child might talk on the internet!

When you see a note on the kitchen table…. “M4m, g0|\|3 2 teh 5h0p 4 m1lk” you’ll know you’re in trouble….

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