Why Broadband Is Still A Joke

Tom Raftery makes a good post about the appalling state of broadband while Gerry O’Sullivan published a good joke on his blog during the week on his relatively still-new blog, Unlaoised.

Construction workers building the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh find a network of copper wires buried several metres below Holyrood. Archaeologists examine the find and come to the conclusion that the ancient Scots had an advanced telephone system in prehistoric times.

Workmen in London find a deeply buried network of fibre-optic cables during excavations for the new Olympic Stadium. Archaeologists confirm that prehistoric Londoners had a sophisticated high-speed telecommunications network at their disposal.

Deep excavations at the Port Tunnel site in Dublin unearth neither copper wires nor fibre optic. Archaeologists conclude that the ancient Irish communicated using mobile phones and wireless broadband.

Don’t know about you but I thought it was great…. (original post for it here).

With Keith’s woes and the trouble I had doing an Eircom BB setup for a friend last night its a wonder we’re able to communicate at all.

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