Choose The Right Mobile Tariff

According to, figures released from the Carphone Warehouse show that mobile users waste UK£30bn every single year, simply because people are on the wrong price-plans.

It is only within the last three months that I’ve changed over to a post-pay setup and that is was after seven years as a pre-pay customer. Now, its not to say that you’re ‘wasting’ money of your own free will, but just that you could possibly be saving yourself a few quid a month by really looking at your price plan and your monthly – which of course, is always good.

The article ts slightly geared more towards the UK market given the sterling prices, if you’re looking for a currency converter you can’t go wrong with Sounds like a cheesy ad, I know. But if you’re curious about your price plan and want to look at things on a nice, basic, understandable level then give this a read.

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