Tried All Free Calls, Worked

Simple as that. Needed to make a few calls to companies in the US this afternoon, said I’d give All Free Calls a whirl and try save a few pennies. Rang the 1890 number on the landline and within a half minute was connected through the operator the first company of the US.

Now, that particular company could learn a thing from All Free Calls. You ring a number, you get a simple instruction in 4-5 seconds and away you go. You ring the US, direct to a technical department, you’re bombarded with sales adverts for things you’re looking for support on – not needing to buy again – and so spend a few minutes before actually starting to navigate through the menu.

If it has saved me a few pennies, I give it a thumbs up. Purely for efficiency and ease of use if not just for the fact that it works, exactly like it says on the tin.

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