Free The Feeds!

Happy days. Something for the greater good of stats fans was bound to come out of Google’s purchase of FeedBurner and they’ve announced that the Pro version of FeedBurner (Total Stats) and the MyBrand packages (feeds branded by your own domain) are now available… for FREE.

Certainly gives me something new to dip into this weekend, get the lowdown on where the people are coming from across all my blogs.

Via the FeedBurner blog

One of the many benefits that FeedBurner publishers will enjoy now that FeedBurner is part of the Google family is a little something we like to call, “more for free!” Beginning today, two of FeedBurner’s previously for-pay services, TotalStats and MyBrand, will be free. Not in the sense of soaring high above the clouds or recently sprung from the hoosegow, but free like you’ll no longer gladly be billed on Tuesday for a burned feed today. We suspect this will be welcome news to the 450,000+ of you using many of our other free services, but understanding that your feed is your feed, you will need to activate these newly freed-up services in order to partake in their awesomeness.

At present, there are 454,969 accounts registered on FeedBurner publishing 779,820 feeds, that number increasing on a daily basis. Read the full story and all the details here.

Note: I’m using FeedBurner across every single blog I’ve got on the go. If you want to subscribe to via FeedBurner then add to your feed reader or click here to visit FeedBurner and subscribe to

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