BarCamp Galway Today – Live Updates Availabile

BarCamp Galway Today

There’s live updates available from BarCamp Galway today with two options thus far available to you…

  • Keep an eye on the Jaiku channel as a back channel for discussion during the day, if you’re not in attendance it’s a great way to keep up with what’s going on either online or via SMS. If you are in attendance I’m sure you can use to to keep up with what’s happening at some of the other talks… I know I’ll have the mobile on for the day on this one.
  • Conn will be streaming some of the day’s events here on, again something I’ll be keeping an eye on. Perhaps a Jaiku alert when streaming is about to kick off?

The Intruders cameras will be out and about as well so me might see some recaps and interviews from them in the coming week or two.

As seen on the wiki, there’s a solid number due in attendance (around 80), the day of course being held in the DERI building at NUI Galway. Details on talk streams, speakers, directions, accommodation and all the jazz can be found on the wiki. Good luck to everyone on the day, sorry can’t be there but will be keeping tabs online throughout the day.

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