No Sir, I Won’t Be Presenting This Weekend

Just as I opened my mouth yesterday about the proposed ‘Getting Ahead In The Music Industry‘ day to be held in Kilkenny, the plug has been pulled by ArtLinks.

It will be going ahead in Wicklow on November 24th, some of the speakers (including myself) remaining the same but for the moment it won’t be happening in Kilkenny and should be rescheduled for a date in early 2008. So, no sir, I won’t be presenting this weekend. Pity, as we were looking forward to trying out the brand new KKM powerpoint template – or at least I was anyway.

What I will be doing instead on Saturday (as opposed to as well on Saturday) is hosting Vesta Varro and Frantic State in Cleere’s Theatre, if you’re interested, drop down – only a fiver.

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