Young Irish Film Makers Go YouTube

I’ve been distracting myself with other blogs, client launches, giving talks in Wicklow, a chest infection, an ingrown toenail (which got sorted yesterday) and so many other things that I’ve missed a few posts here over the last few days. Today too is the first time my laptop has been switched on since Sunday.

That much aside though I should say that one of the things I was working on towards the end of last week was getting Young Irish Film Makers on YouTube and sorting out some kind of online direction for them for 2008.

While some of the members have been posting to Google Video or YouTube under their individual accounts, there was nothing centralised to view the works produced by members, those involved in outreach activities and more. At present they’ve posted the second trailer for upcoming 2008 feature release ‘Suckers’ along with a clip from 2006 release ‘Stealaway’.

I’ve been assured there will be several clips added to the YIFM YouTube channel a week so if you’re interested in following the works produced by members (aged 10 upwards) then keep an eye on it.

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