Ken McGuire, MaxRoam And The N95

I feel I’ve been neglecting my blog of late, getting drawn into the many other blogs one keeps and watching my workload pile up online and offline.

However, here’s an interesting one.

Keeping an eye on Twitter during the day, I caught a tweet from Laura Czajkowski referencing potential employers googling your name. I’ll admit that I do have a Google Alert set up to catch mention of my name (as it turns out, it’s quite helpful) but I wouldn’t regularly Google myself.

On top of that, I’ve always wondered about the secondary results on Google, especially those one-word or sectioned links under the primary search result.

So to my amazement I run a google search for Ken McGuire just now and I’m presented with the above.

Explain that one…

That said, if a potential employer was to indeed “Google me”, I’d be quite happy with the results thrown up on the first page highlighting my blog, my photography, my music, my work with and a newspaper interview covering everything else (about a year ago).

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