Kilkenny Arts Festival 2013: Day 1

Margie Lewis at Kilkenny Arts Festival

Day one hitting the 2013 Kilkenny Arts Festival trail as part of the Event Media / Mycrofilms / Ross Costigan powerhouse of coverage. Here’s some select shots from the B cam for the day.

Kilkenny Arts Festival Box Office

If you’re on the hunt for tickets, drop to the Box Office at 76 John Street, also home of the Kilkenny Arts Office.

Garden Party at Butler House

We got to make some advance moves on Miracoco. Here’s Alan, enjoying himself, but in fairness, we could have spent all day in the place.

Miracoco at Kilkenny Castle (Kilkenny Arts Festival)

Honestly, you could actually spend all day in the place. Wait for the videos. Or don’t, and just drop into it in Kilkenny Castle park for the day.

Senior Volunteers at St. Canice's Cathedral

After the party, it was on to St. Canice’s to grab Margie Lewis (top photo) and Neil Hannon. The senior volunteers are looking well this year.

Neil Hannon's Guitar and Piano

Side stage at St. Canice’s Cathedral, awaiting Neil Hannon. That’ll be the festival piano and his guitar.

Neil Hannon at Kilkenny Arts Festival

And there’s Neil Hannon on the piano, just kicking into the first song.

Neil Hannon at Kilkenny Arts Festival

A long shot of Neil Hannon from the back of St. Canice’s Cathedral on the 50mm lens (as are the rest of the images). Powerhouse of a show last night.

Ross Costigan

Winding down the day’s coverage with photographer Ross Costigan, at the top of the recently refurbished ‘Canice’s Steps’ in Kilkenny, bridging Irishtown with The Coach Road and St. Canice’s Cathedral.

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