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Team KCLR Cycling For Chernobyl

For the past few weeks, some of the on-air team of KCLR have been prepping for the annual Mary Slattery Memorial Cycle, a charity cycle run each June bank holiday weekend by the Chernobyl Kilkenny Outreach Group for Adi Roche’s Chernobyl Children International. Having taken part myself the past two years (including the near biblical…

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So much Science and Technology in Cycling

photo credit: Let Ideas Compete THERE IS so much technology in cycling. I don’t think I realised it at first. But over a month on from picking up a bike and telling myself I’m cycling to Sligo (which is this Friday), I’m finding out that there is an insane amount of technology behind cyling. Between…

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So yeah, I’m cycling to Sligo

That’ll be me on the left in the Sky jersey, heading off on first cycle yesterday SLIGO. I’ve driven there countless times. I’ve taken the bus there. I’ve taken the train there. But I’ve never cycled there. Actually, the farthest I ever cycled in one swoop was about 10 miles on an exercise bike, a…

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