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Where’s A Net Cafe When You Need One?

photo credit: girolame So, I’m in Portugal, and have been for the past few days to celebrate John getting hitched. Vilamoura is the current location, then it’s on to destination Faro and Dublin tomorrow morning. They’ve got the sun. They’ve got the sea. They’ve got great food and cheap alcohol. But internet access leaves a…

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Back From Dubai, And It’s Cold

Well, i’m back from Dubai and at time of writing there’s a 31 degree difference in temperature from this morning to this evening. Gone is the sun, replaced instead with cold, fog and freezing conditions. I’ve made it back alive, my wallet virtually empty, sand in my phone, sand in my bags a light colour…

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Week Two In Dubai

I’m cruising into the second week here in Dubai, moreso seen as the week officially starts on Sunday (Friday is your holy day, Saturday – depending on where you work – can be a second day off). It’s been a fantastic trip so far, just the chance to unwind and leave things behind for a…

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Blogs Banned In Dubai

I thought this might happen… I ran a search on Google earlier this morning for ‘blogging in Dubai’, to see what bloggers in this neck of the woods are up to. While some of them opened, others presented the above note… Du is one of the country’s mobile operators and I’m guessing one of their…

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I’ve Landed In Dubai

It’s currently 4:37pm local time in Dubai. Which means it’s 12:37pm at home. Which means that I’ve been on the move for the last 30 hours but at about 3am this morning I landed in Abu Dhabi, flying in over some serious displays of city planning (everything is incredibly grid-like in the air) to a…

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Dubai Here I Come

photo credit: James Temple I don’t go away places often. Flying to Toronto in 2006 was the first time I’d been on a plane in about ten years (that said, on years in between I had taken a ferry over to France now and again). But since college life began seven years or more, I…

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