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Photosharing Service For Twitter

Twitter introduce their new photo sharing service, bringing it all back home. There has been some recent controversy and backlash around Twitpic’s changes in terms of service allowing the sale of images uploaded via their sharing service so it will be interesting to see if this direct contribution to Twitter sparks another revenue stream for…

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Let The Tech Investments Roll

photo credit: SocialGrow PayPal. eBay. Facebook. LinkedIn and, now, IBM. Between them in recent months they’ve announced hundreds of new jobs. PayPal had announced recently that they were adding 200 to their Dublin base, Brian Cowen had a smile on his face when he let the news out that eBay would be creating up to…

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Can’t Pay? Won’t Pay! (With Added WiFi)

CAN’T PAY? WON’T PAY! opened last night at Set Theatre in Kilkenny, the latest offering from The Devious Theatre Company. While I can be seen on stage for the 95 minutes or so of performance, I’ve been working as a producer on the show as well for the past few months so there’s a bit…

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Digital Ideas at The Digital Festival

photo credit: whiteafrican DIGITAL IDEAS should be in plentiful supply in Dublin this Wednesday with The Digital Festival taking place in the Berkeley Court Hotel in Ballsbridge. Early bird tickets are long gone but there’s still the possibility of buying a full-price ticket for €375 (plus VAT) before Wednesday. What does the €375 get you?…

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Even The Sheikhs Are Tweeting

How do you, as ruler of Dubai, send your congratulations on the launch of an e-library? By tweeting, of course. His Highness Shaikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai (very long title) is keeping people updated on government issues, business issues, a recently taken…

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Up Close With a Twitter Mosaic Mug

My Twitter Mosaic mug arrived in the post yesterday evening. If you’ve not yet seen one and wondering what the buzz floating around the Irish Twitosphere was in the past week or two, check the video or read my last Tuesday Push post. Update: Neville Hobson (@jangles) has another video review here.

Tuesday Push: Twitter Mosaic

Twitter. It’s a mug’s game. Or it’s just become one thanks to Twitter Mosaic. Walter Higgins at Sxoop Technologies is making great great use of Twitter’s open API and is now combining it with Zazzle to create Twitter Mosaic to offer personalised goods based on avatars of your Twitter friends or followers. For the end…

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Lending A Hand, It’s What We’re Good At

Pic via Job losses. Everyone’s talking about them. You can sit around all day and talk, but until you do action the talking, that’s all it will be – talk. The chains are closing down. Zavvi. Land of Leather. Woolworths. I heard M&S was in trouble recently. Retail is taking a hit. Crafts and technology…

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Is Your Personal Name Or Business Name Taken Online?

photo credit: Caveman 92223 Just off the latest PodCamp Ireland podcast on Blogtalk Radio where, when looking over activities of the past week, we got around to talking about protecting your username, personal name or business name online when it comes to web services. This stems from a blog post Pat Phelan published recently about…

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