Can you be confident in Windows Vista?

Microsoft, Microsoft, Microsoft.

Vista. Longhorn. Vista. Longhorn.

Which would you have preferred? In the techie computer sense of the person that exists within me, I’ve already had a Longhorn bootscreen replace my XP Pro boot screen for the last 18 months or so. First my laptop had it. Then it was the desktop theme for Longhorn and now my desktop has it.

If I’m not careful I’ll end up with a beta version of Vista before too long and that will be the end of that!

What amazes me though is one of the taglines, that Windows Vista will breed a whole new level of confidence to the experience of using your computer. So does that make you confident in what your computer can do, or is Windows Vista supposed to turn you into a Microsoft Guru overnight?

To quote…

the fundamentals of the operating system free you from worrying about security, reliability, and managing your computer. You are in control.

When has any good Windows user been free from worry about security or reliability or actually managing your computer? What really interests me though is this whole ‘fast on and off’ routine they are proposing. Vista, so it seems, will start up within 2-3 seconds, and shut down in the same time… as good as a TV they say. Windows XP was supposed to be super-fast loading and exiting, but over time users actually realise that giving Windows the cold-shoulder and holding in the power button for 5 seconds is actually more effective.

Breeding confidence. Is that the new thing now is it? I’m still waiting Microsoft….

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