For those of you interested, here’s a good web tutorial on Geotagging, particularly handy when it comes to your blog as you can indentify the content of your blog to a specific country, or region, including your RSS feeds. It’s been around a small age already on the web and I have it active on DeviantART to check nearby Deviants, so now I can check nearby bloggers I suppose!

The site I was using was FeedMap (because blogs + maps = feedmap, isn’t it obvious?), still in beta as is most web 2.0 stuff floating around the web. Its a handy too to see who’s floating around your area.

If you’re interested, and using WordPress, you can insert the following code into your header.php which will geotag your website…

meta name="ICBM" content="52.6442, -7.2395"
meta name="geo.position" content="52.6442;-7.2395"

Then to tag my RSS feeds, I simply added the following lines between the before the last line of wp-rdf.php

geo:lat 52.6442 /geo:lat
geo:long>-7.2395 /geo:long

(Don’t forget that you have to open and close your tags…. the icbm tags are coupled with the longitude and latitude namespaces)

Those locations will most likely stick you on the Dublin Road, just about at my office, only a stonesthrow from home anyway…

If that doesn’t make any sense to you at all the I suggest reading this tutorial on making your site and RSS feed locatable!

Followup…. if you’re feeling lazy… sign up to feedburner and you can geotag your RSS feed straight from there!

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