Updating WordPress

Following on from my post about upgrading to the latest version of WordPress from an older one (1.5) I’ll have to say that its actually quite easy. Still to apply the changes to this blog, I hadn’t realised that NFLView.com was also running WP1.5. After almost 200 posts to the ‘View since Christmas coupled with the plugins that I use over there, I was a bit sceptical about doing an update but it worked like a charm. After checking over at WordPress.org to see if there were any serious difficulties involved I set about the update this morning in a simple way…

  1. Dump the WordPress tables from the database via PHPMyAdmin (just in case)
  2. Backed up the WordPress config file (or at least made note of its contents)
  3. Disabled all current plugins
  4. Uploaded the latest version to the server, overwriting whatever was in its way
  5. Run an internal WP upgrade script (as suggested by WordPress.org)
  6. Re-enabled the plugins and switched to the new theme

Overall the process took about 20 minutes, tipping around, making sure I had everything backed up. In the end, I didn’t really need everything backed up. The main plugins I was using (subscribe to comments, democracy poll, technorati tags etc.) all worked fine in transition and there was no real downtime. If I knew my current theme was going to work moving over to WordPress 2.0.2 I would do it in a flash, but for anyone considering the change – piece of cake!

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