TV On A Balcony

They’re on MySpace, they have a podcast, and you can download every showing via YouTube

Are you part of a band? Are you a singer? Are you a poet? Are you a celebrity with a cause? Are you a celebrity with something to say? Are you a celebrity with nothing to say? Can you juggle? Can you stand on your head? Are you Bono? Are you Terry Wogan? Can you turn translucent? Can you crack a few jokes? Are you a stand up comedian? Are you a politician? Do you want to defend your policies? Bertie this could be for you! Speak to the world! Break a news story! Shamelessly publisise something! (It better be good!) Its all possible on Balcony TV.

Innovative Irish site that I was introduced to this morning, Balcony TV could be described as a semi show/video blog coming to you from high over Dame Street in Dublin and watching and listening to some of the performances going on, I think this is a cracker way for people to get introduced to the Irish public online. Some fantastic songs and a great use of the whole Web 2.0 environment…

Balcony TV, well worth checking out for your Friday’s entertainment.

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