Kilkenny People Banned In China

So, reading the Kilkenny People yesterday (page 7, section 1), seemingly the local press are the next thing banned out of China – at least on the web anyway.

Now, before the Kilkenny People were taken over by the Johnston Press, you could forgive them for having a half decent website but I’ve certainly no regard for their current rendition.

Either way… they’ve been banned…

The Kilkenny People website is banned in China, people trying to read the website have told…

The newspaper was banned after and article noted Chinese human rights abuses. The abuses were mentioned in a report on the twinning of Kilkenny with a Chinese city by Mayor Martin Brett [also current Mayor) two years ago.

Can anyone in China verify this? 😉

Update –

Nice email from Beijing within an hour of the blog post…

Despite rumours the Kilkenny People is alive and kicking on the web here. Actually I could of sworn I saw President Hu Jin Tao headin of for a smoke with a copy of it under his arm.

Cheers Karl!

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