Podcasting Tip For The Morning

Sitting in the office at half eight absolutely wrecked. Following on from Sunday’s post, ‘Just Do It‘ in relation to podcasting, here’s a tip I should have added to the list.

  • Don’t wait until 1am to start recording an hour long show, especially if you’ve been working since 7am. The potential is there to add a sense of “tired comedy” to your content, you may mix up your tracklisting of bands and you may find yourself speaking on such distant topics to the show as global warming, the lotto on RTE and who would win in a fight between Steven Seagal and Chuck Norris amongst other things.

Apart from that, when the show is released, likely this week, you’ll get to hear music from Itchy Trigger Finger, Panda Radical, 20 Bulls Each, Myp Et Jeep and Laminate.

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