A Good Weekend Of Planning

So, just as I hit the lunch break on a Sunday I’ve realised that its been a good weekend of planning and there’s nothing better than sitting down, fleshing out ideas and schedules in big monster sessions.

Friday saw it happen for eventIreland as we detailed our new range of offers for 2007; Saturday saw almost 9 hours of talks for KilkennyMusic.com resulting in our announcement of an initial 28 shows for 2007 outside of our plans to extend the main website itself; today (so far) has been a mix of eventIreland work coupled with a break for a three hour meeting with the board of The Devious Theatre Company where we’ve managed to announce a second theatrical production (and book the theatre) for 2007, following on from the Irish debut of Cannibal! The Musical this coming August.

There should be some fund-raising and advertising opportunities with Devious Theatre closer to the August dates.

Only thing is, once you spend your entire Friday, Saturday and Sunday in the office your weekend is gone. But isn’t that part of the joy of working for yourself – being able to look back on days knowing that they made you quite happy in looking forward?

If anyone is interested, the initial range of dates for KilkennyMusic.com can be found on the KKM MySpace while The Devious Theatre Company will be presenting ‘Heart Shaped Vinyl’ from June 28th – 30th along with Cannibal! The Musical (from Trey Parker, creator of South Park) from August 22nd – 25th.

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