Apple’s Address Verification

I’ll give thumbs up today to Apple’s address verification in the Apple Store. I made my first purchase today from the store, picking up a new Apple mouse for the MacBook Pro. Why do I give thumbs up?

Well, when I put the office address down as the shipping address, they said they couldn’t verify the address and I had to enter another one. So I changed a detail or two around, still no joy, another problem verifying the address. Now, rather than be really stubborn and make me enter it again, the screen basically prompts “if you’re sure, then we’ll ship it here”. Presto, address accepted, the mouse is on it’s way. Why can’t other sites follow suit? Always hanging up on postal codes and zip codes and likes.

That and the fact that it took about three or four clicks from finding the mouse to finishing the order, I’d say it was a good shopping experience 🙂

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