Hey Chorus, Whats The Story?

Thought I was having an odd problem with Chorus not being able to display blogger blogs over the weekend, this morning, or still as I type, and didn’t have to look far to see that Twenty is having the same problem with NTL. Of course, NTL being the proud parents of little baby Chorus, everyone ends up missing out. So here I am at home with a load of blogger-based blogs I want to read and regularly read and instead I’m going to twiddle my thumbs and bill Chorus for the time.

Well maybe not, but it does get annoying! I remember Eircom having a similar problem last year where I ended up going through X & Y different proxies to get to certain sites but for a problem to run the bones of a week is a bit of a joke.

And Twenty, I used to work in one of those broadband support call centres (though not NTL) and I’ll agree with everything you’ve said. Nice that they sorted it ten minutes after the blog post but still no blogspot access in Kilkenny! White screens and dropped connections for Kilkenny. Any of you Chorus people locally on the same issue?


  1. Twenty Major March 5, 2007 at 8:19 pm

    It’s not fixed – seems it was something Blogger.com did. They seem to know about the issue – http://status.blogger.com/

    Still not working for me. Use a web proxy like Ninjaproxy and you can see them.

  2. Ken McGuire March 5, 2007 at 10:09 pm

    Thats some pain in the arse though. Get the ole Chorus lads to give the ole Eircom lads a buzz I reckon. I’ll give Ninjaproxy a look up and see what the craic is, cheers dude.

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