€114.3m Buys Eircom A 3G License

So, Eircom, and presumably (I’m presuming), Meteor as the mobile arm of Eircom, have been granted the country’s 4th 3G license – the one that was supposed to be taken by Smart Telecom before they went belly-up big style.

Comreg confirmed the deal is worth €44m up front with the remainder spread over the next fifteen years, provided of course that Eircom meet a few targets including 33% demographic coverage by the end of next year.

Guess things are on the up for Eircom. A turnaround in their developments going forward, a big push on customer services (seen as they’re always harping on about it on the radio with their new CS head guy) and all since their sale last summer. I’ve still no interest in returning to Eircom as a home phone provider, and have questioned their business broadband in the last few months (I’ve found Chorus to be more reliable) AND I’ve certainly no plans to change mobile provider – but all the same – its great to see the introduction of more competition.


  1. John March 13, 2007 at 9:20 am

    Ha, “Eircom, and presumably (I’m presuming), Meteor as the mobile arm of Eircom and presumably Comreg the whipping boy of Eircom

    When Eircom do something useful like get rid of line rental I’d consider using their services again, maybe.

  2. Sean March 13, 2007 at 9:45 am

    Chorus broadband better than eircom? Didn’t I have this talk with you Ken about in my office. EVERY month it would go down. Without fail. Then when you ring they give you the crappy excuses. Though that does top eircom. who just keep trasferring you and then suddenly cut you off.. I think all broadband providers need to up the speed and reliability aswell as lower the price. This is where the whole LA [i think its la?] with free wireless broadband all over the city would really come into effect. Then the broadband providers would need to one up their service so you would actually pay.

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