MySpace, One Way In – No Way Out

MySpace is a strange one. From a musician’s point of view, if you want a profile there it’s easy out. Go to the MySpace music site, register yourself as an artist and away you go. (Note that you have to be on the MySpace music site to do it, or you’ll wind up with a personal profile instead).

If you register a new account with MySpace, you’ve now got the choice to remove it within 14 days. I set myself up with a music profile at the weekend in an attempt to encourage myself to demo some material (only demos going to MySpace at present as I’m not getting into serious recording until time and money allows it). I set the profile up, I’ve no intention of removing it.

Two profiles though that I want to remove include one for the Sound System Podcast and one for the One Take Sesssions, both of which are pretty redundant as there’s a main myspace which is handling gig bookings, comments, music submissions etc. Having the one profile to govern all KKM activites saves time, energy and draws the traffic to the one spot. So why am I pulling my hair out?

Well, the ‘cancel account’ option available in the account settings simply doesn’t work. Two weeks now I’ve been trying to remove both accounts and no joy.

MySpace – if you’re watching, that’ll be the accounts at and – support mails have been sent and to no avail. You try to cancel your account and they say no problem, email is on the way to confirm. No chance. Ok I thought, maybe a problem with the email address, I’ll change my address and get the cancellation emails sent there. No chance. You have to confirm your change of email address and surprise surprise, no confirmation email.

But – BUT! An account I held at MySpace (registered to a forgotten email address) rose from the dead just before the weekend, MySpace reminding me to log in or they’ll delete the account as it’s been six or seven months since it was used and I’m holding up what could be a valuable username. They’re happy to cancel accounts themselves but when you ask for it yourself all you get is a headache.

It’s like socks in a washing machine….

Gripe aside, my new profile is there to let me demo some material before starting the recording process in 2008. The tracks are available to download for free, do with what you please (barring re-recording them or releasing them as your own, that’d just be wrong) as they’re likely to be replaced as frequently as possible with updated versions, the MySpace profile allowing me to document the progress of certain tracks in a recording environment.

The address is

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