Creative Camp Gets Colour

Creative Camp

Creative Camp has gotten a little colour, and a tagline to match.

This is the logo we’ll be using for Creative Camp. I think ‘Business – Technology – Creativity’ encompasses the spirit of the day and of the event. On the creative side of things I’ll be speaking with ArtLinks in Kilkenny in the New Year about their involvement in the event.

Offers to participate at an early stage are quite good with some nice ideas coming from the Waterford contingent in relation to design talks and workshops. We’re currently awaiting hosting and once it kicks in I’ll be tackling the blog end of things.

The three strands of activities have been pretty much decided, as have the caterers, the venue (The Parade Tower at Kilkenny Castle) and of course the date – Saturday March 8th.

As Creative Camp is operating in place of “Bar Camp Southeast” and is subject to portability (as in moving out of Kilkenny), it was decided not to localise the logo (like Galway ran with the claddagh and Dublin ran with the castle).

If anyone would like a high resolution copy of the logo (300 dpi JPG, 300 dpi transparent PNG or Adobe Illustrator), feel free to contact me.


  1. John December 19, 2007 at 11:45 am

    Very nice Ken.

  2. Grannymar December 19, 2007 at 1:48 pm

    Good clean look to the Logo! Well done.

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