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Ordering a pizza in Kilkenny just got a whole lot easier. On Friday (and again on Saturday) I tried the new online ordering system from, the US-based pizza company, Kilkenny being the first Irish franchise location.

The flier in the door suggested online ordering was available so I clicked on over to the website about 5:55pm, made a custom pizza ticking off all the extras I wanted, placed the order around 6pm and was emailed a receipt and told the average delivery time would be 45 minutes.

Being one of the first houses in the estate, taxi and delivery drivers often skip past my own place and head for the bulk of the houses to seek out my address – but at least they listened to the ‘special instructions’ part of the order. At 6:45pm I get a phone call from the driver saying he’d got the message, was in the driveway and described the house before approaching the door.

Instead of opting to open a company account or pay by credit card online (even more convenient), I had the cash ready from the receipt and – unlike some other pizza delivery companies I’ve heard tales of in Kilkenny – what you see on the receipt is what you pay.

In discussing the merits of online pizza ordering over a few beers on Saturday night, we put it to the test again, different house further across town, different order combination and all with the same results – order goes in, pizza confirmation emailed, 45 minutes later your internet order is at the door.

If they could knock the time down to 30 minute it’d be nice and handy but it’s great to see the whole system works and I’d hope that other places in Kilkenny catch on soon.

See my review here.

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  1. raptureponies October 13, 2008 at 10:35 pm

    i’m not a fan of pizza… but that looks good.

    Congrats on web award-ness!

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