BarCamp Cork 2 – November 1st 2008

The Corkonians are bringing BarCamp home, back to where it started in Ireland in 2006. Having attended and organised BarCamp / CreativeCamp / PodCamp events (three of which were in Kilkenny) in the last year or more I can safely tell you that these are the kind of events you should be going to.

You’re not going to be asked for a registration fee. You don’t need to dress up for the occasion. You will meet some seriously nice, helpful, informative, clever, talented people. You can do it all from lurking in the background to throwing yourself into the thick of things and giving a talk or helping out as a volunteer on the day.

Conor O’Neill looks like he’s at the helm for BarCamp Cork 2 which takes place at WebWorks on Saturday November 1st.

Register (for free) to attend, you won’t be sorry.

I finally cracked the drive to Dublin with the Irish Web Awards last week and was hoping November 1st would see me crack the drive to Cork as well but it looks like I might mixed up some course dates on the Kilkenny side of things. I’ll (at least) be following the activity in the run up to November first on Twitter where hopefully there’ll be plenty more coverage on the day.

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