CelebrityNews.tv Up For Auction

cali - hw mi jack
Creative Commons License photo credit: wyteone

I’ve decided to test the auction waters for domain names, putting up one of a large collection I have, most of which were active at some point in time including CelebrityNews.tv.

Formerly a celebrity news blog, I realised after a few short months that I just couldn’t keep up with the content (and get around to launching different ideas for it) so the domain went into hiding until last weekend.

I signed up for GoDaddy.com’s auctions, listing CelebrityNews.tv. The domain, I feel, would be ideal for someone looking to start a celebrity media site – blog, magazine, audio, video, or the whole lot together. The bidding on the domain, ending approximately 8pm Irish time tomorrow (Friday October 31st) currently stands at US$200.

If you’re interested and would like to place a bid, check out the auction listing here.

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