Testing MacJournal

So, the latest MacHeist bundle is out, and included with it comes MacJournal. This, is merely a test post to that case, connecting MacJournal on the desktop, back to a WordPress install.

Currently enjoying an upswing in blogging across various blogs from late 2011, I’ve finally settled on using as a personal blog. Yes, the food, arts, and music are still getting attention, along with the events but as the content spin on weighs far more heavily on technology side than anything else (outside of…

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Documenting A Year

Project 365. 365 Photos. 365-A-Day. Photo-A-Day. Call it what you like, at this stage, the majority of people know what they are – a collection of photos (at least 365 of them) designed to chronicle a year in the life of something. Some people take a photo of a sunrise a day. Some people take…

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KLCK Bloggers Network In Kildare

The second Monday of the month is almost upon us which means the next KLCK Bloggers Network meeting is just around the corner as well. I was invited along as a guest speaker for last month’s gathering which took place in Kilkenny. 18 or so people made the night, the good numbers sparking some interesting…

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Blogging About Food

I had been thinking about it long enough, taking photos long enough, tweeting about it long enough and getting in the neck from friends long enough. The “it” I’m referring to is food, my love of food, and now I’ve taken all of the above and finally started up a proper food blog. I’ve got…

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Talking Plugins With KLCK Bloggers Network

I don’t usually go out of my way to speak at events or gatherings, social, business or otherwise. But when Keith Bohanna asked if I could fill in for him at last night’s KLCK Bloggers Network gathering in Kilkenny I figured I couldn’t say no, the event being on my doorstep and all. I would…

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The Start Of A New Year

IT’S THE start of a new year, a new decade. A chance to review the last 365 days and plan, or attempt to plan, for the next. Sure enough, there’s a lot I’m going to do this year between work, theatre, travel, music, business as usual really. What I missed throughout the year was a…

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Blogging For Beginners Hits The Spot(light)

Last May I was asked to give a Blogging For Beginners course to a number of ArtLinks members, the primary focus being on blogging from an arts perspective. While the meat of the day was in the actual talking and conversation part (as more often than not is the case), I had put some slides…

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