Domain Names Up For Auction

photo credit: wyteone I’ve decided to test the auction waters for domain names, putting up one of a large collection I have, most of which were active at some point in time including Formerly a celebrity news blog, I realised after a few short months that I just couldn’t keep up with the content…

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Have Your Say On The .eu Code Of Conduct

I’ve got a .eu domain, more as a novelty than anything else as it is used simply as a redirect to and the name itself ( certainly isn’t promoted in any circles. Tens of thousands of people applied over the Sunrise period for .eu registration a year ago or so. A lot of people…

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Rate Your Solicitor No More

An Irish website, which aims to let clients find and rate solicitors has received an Irish High Court injunction to remove defamatory material about one such rated solicitor. The site is hosted by a US provider,, which has reportedly been served notice by lawyers acting for the defamed solicitor. Has / had anyone…

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Problems with Eircom viewing sites?

Three sites of mine including Devious Theatre and World Cup Access have been out of action for almost three days while browsing with an Eircom conntion. Anyone with a Chorus connection, or Eircom connection outside of Kilkenny want to try those sites? Or anyone know how long it takes an Eircom DNS server to refresh?…

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.eu Fiasco Results In 400 Law Suits

So 74,000 domain names (.eu domains) were effectively registered by 3 companies who had set up 400 registrars “as a front” to snap up .eu domain names as soon as they hit the market at landrush stage. Pavlos has some details with the full story via BBC.

305 And Counting….

Keith’s domain auction has hit €305 and there’s still a good 5 days left on the auction. Think that should pay for his dinner when attending the IT@Cork Web 2.0 (ooooooh did I say that?) conference…. 🙂

Evaluating Your Domain

How do the Irish stand out? Seemingly will fetch me $14,702 if I’m lucky (any other Ken Mc’s interested in blowing 14k on a domain, email me)…. should fetch me €16,854….. Damien Mulley is looking at over $48,000 for his domain (happy days…) Fancy pricing your own, with yet another domain appraisal service…

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Give me back my money!

April 7th I attempted to register a discretionary (non-trademarked) .eu domain, was told by a particular US registrar that I was successful only to find out yesterday that the domain had outstanding pre-registration attempts with other registrars and eventually slipped to one of them and not me. Not happy to have forked out good money…

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Fair play to the Germans

As of this morning there have been over 1.3 million .eu domains registered – and fair play to the Germans, they’ve managed to register half of them alone! Registering my own name went though in a few hours but three discretionary names I’ve attempted to register (and have paid for) are still pending since Friday….

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.eu Domains Unleashed

So the .eu domains were unleashed yesterday and I’ve already started shopping. Nice to have a chance at taking a domain to play with that was previously unavailable. Registration process is quite simple and my first domain, (which will simply redirect to here) was approved within a few hours, being a natural resident of…

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