Mobile Operators Sites Pissing People Off

I’ve blogged before about my gripes with as a website but now it seems Vodafone are falling into that hole as well, as John reveals. I won’t get into the fact that I still think (despite the odd good experience) that the site is still slow and useless at the best of times. Is…

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Big Pay Day For YouTube Founders

The details on the financial split following Google’s purchase of YouTube last year have started to emerge, with co-founders Steve Chen and Chad Hurley pocketing over $300m each with the remainder split between investors, YouTube staff and Jawed Karim (he was there at the startup but backed out to finish college – he picks up…

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Bebo Now A Political Playground?

Notice to politicians… call to my front door, try flag me down in the street or have a word with me at a gig but keep comments like these off my Bebo page, blog, MySpace…. you get where its going. If this is going to be the “in thing” now in the run up to…

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Is Online Poker Popular Amongst Irish Bloggers?

Don’t be afraid now…. are you a blogger who plays online poker? You know, the Paddy Power kind or Full Tilt kind? One thing that I haven’t seen coming across any blogs that I read on a daily basis is the mention of online poker. Now, either some people don’t tell others that they’re playing…

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O2’s Site Gives No End Of Problems

How many times should one have to register or re-register on their mobile operator’s website? After having no joy in trying to log in to the site yesterday I’ve been given this message this morning… If you have acquired an O2 phone since registering for My o2 then you have a couple of options open…

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Le Web? Non monsieur, Le Disaster!

Well well well, looks like Le Web wasn’t all it was cracked up to be. Disappointed by the feedback, exclusion of Ireland and other European countries from live polls, dodgy wireless and more. By the sounds of things, its not just the Irish that won’t be going back.

Is Maith Liom Meteor

Looks like from today onwards, Ireland’s ever-increasing mobile operator Meteor will be offering their website through Irish – something that none of O2, Vodafone or Three currently do. Andrew Kelly, speaking for Meteor, said At Meteor we listen to our customers, and there was the demand for our website to be translated into Irish, so…

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Legal Issues Around Keywords & Meta Tags

TJ McIntyre takes a look at some of the issues (legally) surrounding the use of meta tags and keywords, in particular the use of competitors brands and trademarks as keywords in your meta tags. Trade mark law was not drafted with metatags or keywords in mind, making it difficult to bring these situations within the…

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Web Sites Not Liable – US

People who claim they have been defamed online can go after the person who originally wrote the defamation article online but cannot chase the website (publisher or distributor) where it was published through the courts, whether the website is a company or individual – so says a unanimous Supreme Court verdict out in California. We…

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Leading The Way In Online Legislation

Just picked up on Adam Maguire‘s article for the Sunday Business Post on how ‘Ireland is a world leader in online legislation’ with focus on Bebo, its Irish use and its co-founder’s (Michael and wife Xochi) visit to Dublin last week for a meet and greet and a few presentations(which was also highlighted on the…

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