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A Good Weekend Of Planning

So, just as I hit the lunch break on a Sunday I’ve realised that its been a good weekend of planning and there’s nothing better than sitting down, fleshing out ideas and schedules in big monster sessions. Friday saw it happen for eventIreland as we detailed our new range of offers for 2007; Saturday saw…

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Been a quiet week in the blogging sense as literally all my spare time during the week has gone into relaunching The site had previously been working on a PHPNuke 7.8 install with phpBB integrated for the forums…. no more! After pulling the site down last Tuesday in the very wee hours of the…

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Kilkenny Music Going 2.0

Bit of a mad past two days workwise but its time to get back to brass tacks on the blog. Kilkenny Music going 2.0? Not another Web 2.0 novelty…. Its just time to launch the second iteration of KKM, which I’ve begun to implement following a few weeks of hard planning. Those podcasts are finally…

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