Salted Caramel Cupcakes

So, I say to myself “you’re off for a few weeks, you’ve got some time on your hands, why not try a spot of baking”. And I did. And it was good. Too good. Update: recipe now live on

A Bun, And a Cup of Tea

One of the greatest things in the world is being in your thirties and still being able to drop into your grandparents for bun and a cup of tea any given day of the week.

So, I Got Married

Myself and herself decided to get married. Granted, we had actually decided a long time ago now, but yesterday was the day for it. And what a day. #alltimewedding.

And Thus Ends 2013

There were new contracts. There was a wedding. There was stolen oil. There was a 30th birthday. There was a trip to France. There was a short film made. There was a whole lot of theatre produced. There was a laptop, camera and iPad stolen. There was a laptop and camera replaced. There was the…

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D-Day June 26: Driving Test

It wasn’t all that long ago that I applied for my driving test (could have been Easter) but yesterday I finally received notice of the date – June 26th, smack bang in the middle of Trainspotting no less. The test too has been outsourced to SGS who will be in Kilkenny on the day. Has…

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It’s Been A Busy Week, And Weekend

Well it’s certainly been a busy week, and weekend. I’m judging that partly on the fact that for both Saturday and Sunday (today) I find myself up and about pre 7am. No such thing as a lie-in here I tell you. It has been a week of revelations – one that has taught me interesting…

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Internet Silence For The Weekend

Jaiku off? Check. Twitter off? Check. Internet profile on phone? Still deleted. Radio? Nowhere to be found. Paddle? Check. ProTools? Check. Boots? Check. Bike? Check. I’ve been waiting for March to hit for ages, this stretch of ten days or so to be more precise. It’s close on two months since I’ve had the…

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Some Blog Updates

I’m doing some blog updates tonight so appearances might be sketchy here and there. I’ve been working on a change of theme for the blog, something simple and not so pink (it’s been pink since October, time for a change!). There’s also a wordpress upgrade due, some plugin upgrades and the eventual change of theme…

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Focusing On Fitness Makes It Easy To Focus

Personal blah alert. For the last few weeks I’ve been on a healthy eating kick and it’s doing me wonders. Plain and simple, the focus on fitness (getting fit and getting some way healthy through some cycling, weights and kayaking), has made it easy to focus elsewhere. By that I mean I’m more alert, more…

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No, I Can’t Sleep In Chairs

So I’m back from Germany. Sitting in my office, 24 hours later than anticipated. Having arrived back in Kilkenny 16 hours later than anticipated. I now have it confirmed as a fact that I cannot sleep on chairs. That, or Ryanair designed Frankfurt Hahn airport so it is impossible to get any kind of decent…

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