Open Source

Host Your Own Mix Tape

Muxtape was great. Then it got shut down. Now it’s on the way back. You could upload any mp3s you wanted, get Muxtape to host a mix tape for you, pass the link around, provide download access to the MP3s etc. While Muxtape is set to make a return and allow the hosting of playlists…

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Codeplex To Launch This Week

Interesting one for developers this… The CodePlex site will be a venue for Microsoft to provide programmers with tools available under its Shared Source licenses. These licenses allow people to view the source code of products, the software giant said. The site, which had been in beta testing, is meant to foster more interaction between…

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Open Source Gathering : ApacheCon

I won’t be there myself, but ApacheCon hits Dublin next week, landing in the Burlington Hotel from 9AM next Wednesday (26th) through to Sunday (30th). This outstanding event creates a unique platform for the Open Source community in Europe to come together to gain deep insight into techniques and methodologies critical to the advancement of…

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Getting All Sugared Up

Is there anyone out there using SugarCRM for a small Irish business…. 2-3 employees who may use it as well? Pretty much looking for some light feedback to be honest, just an experience or two from either using it in the past or currently using it… I’m currently trying it for a week or so…

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Podcasts, The Open Source Way

Came across this in the morning reading, for those of you interested in grabbing podcasts without going the iTunes way (which I was trying out myself at the weekend). The article points to an open source option for scheduling the download of podcasts once you’ve got the URL you need. Called Juice, the full article…

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