Vista Security

PCWorld has a decent transcript from an interview with Microsoft’s Ben Fathi at the RSA Conference on computer security this week in San Francisco. The topic? Windows Vista security and Microsoft’s aims to have half or less then half the number of bugs that XP had in its first year of release. Seemingly, they’re still…

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Finger-printing Is The New Pub ID

Forget your passport, forget your age card, forget your drivers license – finger-printing is going to be all the rage, or so it seems, in the UK in an attempt to “reduce drunken disorder by fingerprinting drinkers in the town centre.” The one question I have to ask… are they for real?? Full story via…

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Electronic Passports Issued Today

Today is the day the passport office start issuing the new ePassports, (electronic biometric passports) after successful testing independantly in the Netherlands (to meet EU standards) and Viriginia in the US (to meet US standards). The deadline was October 26th but looks like they’re set to start rolling out from today, October 16th. (See older…

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Stopping (Or helping to curb) Blog Content Theft

If you’re a WordPress user, you might be interested in this…. Digital Fingerprints is the launch of a new plugin for WordPress aimed at tracking blog content theft. It won’t prevent people from copying and pasting material directly from your blog, but it will surely annoy those who republish others RSS feeds into their own…

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When Data “Goes Missing”, You’ll Want To Know

Busy day today, or maybe I’m in a good blogging mood. Thinking back to last year or maybe a bit earlier, when I got a letter in the mail telling me there was a chance that my personal information had possibly fallen into someone elses hands. This letter of course had arrived from Time Warner…

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What AOL users like to browser for?

I keep a strong interest in what my former employers are up to, whether on the European front or the American front but this news over the weekend has hit me a little for six. Why, why, why would you release data to the public domain about your customer’s search patterns? Why would you scramble…

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Big Windows Security Update

Second Tuesday of the month and seemingly today’s Microsoft security update for Windows is the biggest one for a long time…. So why are they only getting around to it now?

My Documents Held To Ransom

Not exactly my own person documents, but this woman had her ‘My Documents’ folder held to ransom in an attack quickly becoming known as ‘Ransomware’. Hackers raided her computer in the UK and encrypted her My Documents folder in Windows containing coursework, photographs, personal letters and more. From the BBC… A message had appeared on…

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Thinking About Passwords

Following an earlier post on how secure ones password is, I came across this interesting article. Whatever about fingerprinting, or retina scanning for user-logins, there’s something just damn interesting about biometrics and its advances when it comes to ultimate security. But what if your thoughts could be your password? The concept is based on using…

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How Good Is Your Password?

Over recent years I’ve gone from 5 letter passwords, to 6 and 8 letters, to a combination of letters and numbers to my current 12 character hybrid of letters and numbers. Yet no matter how big or strong you think your password is, or how you feel nobody could possibly guess the date of birth…

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