Social Networking

Talking Plugins With KLCK Bloggers Network

I don’t usually go out of my way to speak at events or gatherings, social, business or otherwise. But when Keith Bohanna asked if I could fill in for him at last night’s KLCK Bloggers Network gathering in Kilkenny I figured I couldn’t say no, the event being on my doorstep and all. I would…

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Pushing for IGOpeople

IGOpeople launched late last year in beta, billed as the “network for the real world”. So far, it’s living up to it’s name. Real individuals, real groups, real people – and they all tie together in one very neat, clean and easy to use environment. The clock tells me it was December 17th when I…

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MySpace, Record Labels Team Up For MySpace Music

The much rumoured and often spoken about ‘MySpace Music’ service has come to light, as I read this morning that MySpace have officially announced their new ‘MySpace Music’ service, a partnership between News Corporation and “three out of the four top record labels”. The service is looking to become a one-stop shop for everything music;…

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Linking In

So I’m back to reality with a bang – a never ending stream of email since last Thursday (when I disconnected myself for the second time in as many weeks) and I’m a half day into a four-day work week. Having time over lunch today I’ve started tinkering with my profile. I figured it…

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The Gamechanger: AOL Acquire Bebo In $850m Cash Deal

One of my former employers have announced that they’ve acquired Bebo , currently ranked as the third largest social network in the US, behind MySpace and Facebook, and likely the widest used social network within Ireland. The deal sees AOL purchase Bebo in a US$850m cash deal, a price significantly higher than that paid for…

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Social Networking Is On The Rise

My bebo profile, click here to view. Who would have guessed it, but social networking is on the rise, or so says the Kilkenny Advertiser. An article by Brigid O Gorman in yesterday’s Advertiser here in Kilkenny looks at the power and rise of Bebo, although in terms of social networks doesn’t make much of…

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A Look Around Bebo’s Offices

25.2 minutes is what the average user spends on Bebo in Ireland according to Damien. Here’s a look around the Bebo offices, via Bebo Backtage, something to view on a Saturday afternoon if you’re stuck indoors! Great day in Kilkenny..

Twitter Downtime Means A Busy Day On Jaiku

Pic courtesy of Bernie Goldbach’s flickr account A quiet day on Twitter has meant a crazy day on Jaiku in Irish circles. I’ll call it crazy because I’ve got my E50 set up to receive SMS updates from Twitter and Jaiku (in fact the only two phone numbers in the contacts belong to the afore…

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