Testing WPtouch, Make Your Blog iPhone-friendly

A tweet from Donncha pointed me in the direction of WPtouch earlier today, now running on What does it do? It’s a plugin for your WordPress-based blog that renders a very iPhone and iPod-friendly theme of your blog. Forget bulky images, scrolling screen after screen – load in the plugin, fire it up and…

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Stumbleupon, Spammers and WordPress 2.5

While I’ve had a manic enough week in the office, I grabbed some time yesterday to poke around recent web stats and tackle personal email building up in my inbox. The two things I noticed? Four out of five blog posts I’ve penned recently have been picked up by Stumbleupon users, so – welcome SU…

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Painless Upgrade To WordPress 2.5 (Plus Working Plugins)

Well, the update to WordPress 2.5 went painlessly. After disabling each plugin I use, the overall upload time, upgrade time and plugin-check took about 30 minutes. Plus, I’ve remembered to set the time forward on the blog (the clocks went forward last night in case you’ve forgotton – happened me last year). For the first…

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WordPress Hooks At A Glance

Came across a handy resource for WordPress themers. If you’re like me and usually end up throwing countless additional time into the day by pouring through WordPress, hacking up themes for one reason or another, you should find the WordPress Hooks guide really useful. It has a huge selection of hooks documented and explained in…

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Localising Your Own Ad Content?

Does anyone know if it is possible to localise content through WordPress? e.g. You’ve got an Associate and an Associate and want to display the .com ads to US based users and content to European users? Any quick fix before I go hacking something?

Comments Error Fixed

As highlighted by Keith this morning, and realised by myself last night, error messages have been appearing on the blog since the WP2.1 update yesterday when you go to post a comment. This was caused by a problem in the Subscribe To Comments plugin, which has been resolved by updating to the latest version (2.1)….

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WordPress Upgrade Fairly Painless

Pretty painless upgrade to WordPress 2.1. Started the ball rolling about 9:10 and its done as of now (bulk of it was me backing up EVERYTHING from the server, including the DB, something I should have done long ago). Initial impressions seem fine, few changes to the backend including the way the links are worked….

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WordPress 2.1 – Get It While Its Hot

Packed with some interesting new features and developments, WordPress 2.1 was released tonight and is available for download. Now, armed with more info on WordPress MU than you can shake a stick at after the weekend its time to get cracking on a multiuser install at A 1.1 upgrade on the way I think?…

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Geeky WordPress Theme

It has been a while since I blogged about an actual WordPress theme but you’ve got to hand it to the developer behind this theme, whoever it is certainly breaks away from the norm in terms of WordPress theming. While it won’t have much use for the average blogger or average web browser, techies, geeks…

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New Year – New Theme For Your Blog?

If one of the things you’ve decided for the New Year is to change the appearance of your blog or to develop your own theme, Rachel at Cre8D Design has put together a list of useful resources to help to create a WordPress theme. Personally, I’d suggest having a look around the WordPress Themes site…

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