Music Sounds Better With You

Its true what they say, the music DOES sound better with you! That single random fact aside, let me fill you in. If you check the music part of the site you will know that I’m involved in a few different aspects of music whether performace, songwriting, electronic music, promotion, theatre… whatever!

As an earlier post mentioned, I’m also behind, a new music venture in Kilkenny aimed at promoting new kinds of music the fair way, providing equal opportunities for large and small bands or artists alike.

The music sounds better with you, there. On the night. Come out and support your local musicians, your local bands, meet new people, experience new sounds! What is this? It’s a plug for our next series of gigs!

November 4th – Skylight & 79Cortinaz
November 18th – The Company & Guests
November 20th – Itchy Trigger Finger & Guests (all ages event)
December 16th – Frames Tribute Night

Thats the plan for now anyway….

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