The Power of The Playstation

I’m a big NFL fan, and have been for years.

But what the hell is with the Baltimore Ravens? During preseason I got so excited when it turned out we had landed Terrell Owens, who now happens to be ripping it up with Donovan McNabb at Philly…. but seriously? No! Owens decides he wants nothing to do with Baltimore and so up sticks and heads to the Eagles to form a great partnership we really could have done with.

Now, I say “we” really could have done with it. Since I picked up my copy of Madden 2006 for the Playstation the weekend of its release (I’m good that way…) I’ve become attached to the Dallas Cowboys, seen as I was drafted there albeit in the 4th round. From one awful season last year with the Cowboys to a great opening this year, and I’ve a feeling they’ll make the playoffs as well.

But for the Ravens? No! The 2001 Superbowl champions are an absolute shadow of their former selves. Having lost Baxter to the Bengals (who turned up to make a good pick at the weekend), they’ve been struggling to show form. Sloppy defence, an unholy amount of penalties (one shy of an NFL record last week, 11 this week that also forced the loss of a good TD), poor offensive moves as they struggle in the AFC.

I guess what I’m saying is that my heart is shifting to the Cowboys. Getting Julius Jones to run it up the middle (it being the ball), having Keyshawn make those almost impossible receptions high on the right, or have McGuire drop from a receiver, sneak to the halfback position and run the ball out wide for a winning touchdown.

But in reality, McGuire isn’t playing for the ‘Cowboys. So how is it that a computer game can spur you on that much that you would slowly change your allegience knowing that your own team seems to be falling down and needs your help!

When Sony were getting ready for the launch all those years ago, they used to say “never underestimate the power of the Playstation”. I never thought they would be serious….

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