Fluffy Coffee Anyone?

Ah yes.

Today marked a new period in Event Ireland coffee making. Out with the old, Lidl style of coffee and in with the new, Café Noir with added ‘fluff’ or ‘froth’ – whatever you want to call it. Free gadget with the jar of coffee makes for a more interesting, smoother cup for the morning in the office. Fair play Aidan.

The XBOX rocks as well. I’ve also ordered the Aladin PRO Mod Chip from a dude in Italy (eBay is my friend) so if its here at the weekend, my plan is to do the following…

  • Play DIVX movies on the xbox
  • Change the HD to a 250GB model
  • Start filling up the HD with MP3s and convert to a media centre
  • And some other stuff…

Also found my Christmas present to myself today but a little more on that later…


  1. Aidan October 24, 2005 at 7:50 pm

    Oh good old gadgets to keep the office a more interesting place to work :o) I must say fluffy coffee now gives me an extra incentive to get to work a little earlier and get that up-lifting caffine kick that only café noir can do

    Oh and I cant wait til you announce what the new gadget the Event Ireland staff will be investing in to further improve our services to our customers also…. well to be honest I cant wait til the post man drops it at our front door in the not to distant future

  2. Ken October 24, 2005 at 11:01 pm

    And by soon I’m guessing you mean… when exactly?

    As soon as I can muster the expenses for it I’m sure it will arrive. Nice to set an ould deadline though… talk about boys with new toys! Jesus….

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