Forget Pirating Music – Pirate Websites

A few years back (talking 1998/99) I was running a movie website (no longer hosted) which had managed to get itself mentioned in a few national papers and US magazines, got a nice bit of sponsorship (and several free DVDs a month) and attention, then one day I get an email from a guy in Australia asking could he have a link on my site, to his new site that focused around the same topic.

“Sure”, I said, I’ll just go have a look at the site.

Low and behold I was looking at my own website. The styles, the structure, the links and sections, logos I’d created, all with his name tagged under the end of them. Needless to say I flipped. Forget flattery. My first case of a pirated website.

Then I come across this resource this morning,

I’ve been publishing some of my photographic work to deviantART in bits and pieces over the last two years and the forum system there has a nice area set aside for reporting ripped artwork (where I’ve also had one of my photo pieces ripped and published without permission). Pirated-Sites takes that to the next level, providing an archive and forum resource of sites that have been ripped from a design point of view.

If its your thing, or you’ve ever been involved in a case of having your site completely ripped off, then check it out. Funny what people come up with…


  1. Ken McGuire June 30, 2006 at 4:31 pm

    funny that, had read that texas startup blog last week. At least he resolved everything quickly, nice design too!

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