Wrote Blog, Got Fired.

Interesting one this. An English secretary, Catherine, whose surname remains private and blogs under the guise of ‘Petite Anglaise’ is taking a test case to French court under French Labour Law after allegedly getting the sack over the writings of her anonymous blog detailing her life in Paris. Anonymous in every regard bar the use of her photo on the blog, which the company now feel identifies her, identifies who she works for and has lead to her discharge under gross misconduct.

Read on at her own blog, or check the Telegraph article from earlier in the week.

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  1. Sean July 21, 2006 at 11:55 am

    Not really that new though is it? People getting fired over blogs, didnt it happen earlier during the year? Or am I just crazy??

    On a better note, my blog is back up! 🙂

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