Hanging New Photographs

Up until yesterday I hadn’t touched my photoblog since late June so at about 10pm last night I got a massive case of Spring-cleaning fever just as we head into the cold months of the year.

This of course means that I’ve deleted all the content from my old iteration of the photoblog (which was basically a rehash of content I publish(ed) on DeviantART), launched it with a new theme and some new works (archives here).

Ten photos or so on it now and definitely more suiting of my actual style and interests (gigs, people) than anything else. Trying to update it daily (or at least schedule a load of posts in advance), been meaning to try showcase some of my more recent stuff since, well, around the time I lost interest in the last iteration!

The theme works really well at higher resolutions (1280*1024), just a simple photoblog theme I picked up and will eventually get around to tweaking to my liking…. The original theme, Nishita, can be downloaded here.

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