Theatre Workstation

MacBook Pro, Tracktor Kontrol S4, manual Strand LX desk – tools of the trade for last week’s performance run of Devious Theatre’s Some Flood at Cleere’s, Kilkenny. Hilarity ensued.

JP Ryan at Set Theatre, Kilkenny

The 50mm lense is the accompaniment, for now, for gigs locally. Here’s two shots from JP Ryan‘s launch night for Take a Walk With Me at Set Theatre last night, joined later in the show by Clive Barnes. Time to get shopping for a new gig lense. Find more over at

Exploring Alt Stadt Beers

Back from a pre-stag stag, if you can call it that, exploring some of the local breweries in Dusseldorf and Cologne including Uerige, Zum Schlussel and what was one of the favourites of the weekend, Schumacher’s, all in Dusseldorf’s old town area. The keepsakes, and thus allowing you to keep count of the beers consumed,…

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Let’s just say it’s pretty cheap to get a train ticket from Dusseldorf to Koln (just over an hour, depending on what train you take). The morning run was about half the length but Irish Rail prices were anything like German prices for rail travel, I’d be on the train every day of the week.

Peel When Cup Is Empty

Trying a couple of things here including a test with the Canon Powershot G15, a review of which is going online in the next fortnight over on Any Given Food (tool of the trade, don’t you know). I’ve also rediscovered a set of Photoshop filter actions that I picked up in the last year via…

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It’s Not All About The Looks

It’s not all about the looks, you know. Pictured outside one of my favourite Galway eateries, Ard Bia. Do yourself a favour the next time you’re in Galway and make your way there for a lunch, you won’t be disappointed.

The Princess Bride

Still the bargain of the summer. Picked up at a fair day at Duckett’s Grove, Carlow, earlier this summer. 50c, can’t go wrong.

RSAG (Rarely Seen Above Ground) at Set Theatre

RSAG (Rarely Seen Above Ground) played an absolute stormer on the final night of this year’s Kilkenny Arts Festival. He performed at the festival back in 2009 as the first live act in the venue but the performance last Sunday night was the best I’ve seen him in a few years. Before the video comes…

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