Busy And Happy Out

Keeping myself away from Twitter and other happenings until the bell rang at 5:30 on what has been a busy day. Why so busy? Well, today marks the return of Event Ireland to a two-person operation as John departed on Friday for pastures new in Waterford. I’ll echo his own thoughts leaving and say it has been a ‘divine privilege’ in having John here for the past 18 months and I wish him all the very best with the new job.

Of course, that has me jumping between my desk and John’s old workstation all day long flitting between 3 or 4 different projects while starting to get some new ones opened up. While I sneak ten minutes for a blog post (having delayed my lunch until NOW when its near on time to head home) I get to stare at a bundle of faxes that need to be cleared off my now muchos tidy desk (kicked off the morning with a big Summer cleanout – hey, we’re not in Spring territory any more, or Kansas for that matter).

Racing thoughts bring me around to the fact that I’m busy out – and happy out at the same time. I’ve got all the patience in the world and I’m quite happy flaked out on the couch doing nothing on an evening off but in giving someone a tutorial earlier this afternoon I was asked briefly “what have you planned for the week” to which my response was…

  • Monday – Work to 6, Cannibal rehearsal 6:45-8:20, meeting re: organising Rockfall festival in Kilkenny 8:30-10pm, home for dinner
  • Tuesday – Work 8:30 – 5:45, Young Irish Film Makers (of which I’m a board member) 6pm to collect costumes, outdoor photoshoot 6:30-8pm, return to YIFM, down to Cleere’s Theatre for meeting 8:30pm re: set design for Cannibal, assume return home 10:30 – 11pm.
  • Wednesday – Work 8:30-6, Cannibal rehearsal 6:45-8:30pm, Paris Texas 8:40pm to 10pm (pre gig setup), gig 10pm – 12pm, return home likely around 1am.
  • Thursday – Work 8:30-6pm, Cannibal rehearsal 6:45-9pm, meeting re: sponsorship of Telethon 2007 9:15pm, estimated return home for dinner around 10:30pm
  • Friday – Work 8:30pm – 6:30pm, Equipment check ahead of Saturday gig 7pm.
  • Saturday – Typical KilkennyMusic.com day, up early, pack the van and check the gear again, off to gig venue for 2pm to set stage, lights, leave by 3:30pm, return for soundchecks at 6pm, leave 8pm, open doors 9:30pm and let the madness begin.
  • Sunday – Typical KKM / Devious Theatre day – up 10am, breakfast in town, leave by 1, empty venue from night before, return for further meeting at 3pm, leave by 4:30, home by five and catch up on TV from during the week.

Its a pain in the arse having your evenings planned out for you for the next two months but at the end of the day I couldn’t be happier! No doubt something else will crop up during the week but such is the way 🙂 Just a little note to myself!

That said, I also managed to clock up a 6 hour meeting yesterday and some 12 hours of design work at the weekend which I was happy about, plus the live blogging of the Liverpool vs Crewe Alexandra game from Saturday which made a nice mark on the LiverpoolAccess.comw stats for the weekend….

Maybe I’m just in a good mood going into the week?


  1. John July 16, 2007 at 8:43 pm

    Aww man *sniffles*

    It certainly was strange not crossing the bridge into KK this morning. And the drive home on Friday was felt a bit wrong.

    And now Coonan will only get half the abuse. It just gets worse doesn’t it!

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