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Playlist Mix #4

PodCamp this past weekend was enough to give me the “kick in the arse” I needed to get the Playlist Mix back up and running. In an effort to develop my skills as a podcaster – recording, audio production, processing, structure etc. – I had started the the Playlist Mix back in March of this year. After three shows I wasn’t able to sustain the motivation to develop the podcast, largely in part to the other side projects I’m involved in between evenings and weekends.

Realising that I’ve got a number of web projects that I want (and need) to launch, I had made a commitment to free up one hour for myself each evening to work on said projects, Monday’s result producing Playlist Mix #4 after a 5 month break. PodCamp provided some fantastic inspiration, insights and tips for people looking to venture into the world of podcasting, a lot of thoughts applying to those actively podcasting.

Given that the KKM podcast is now being engineered by Alan in studio A (with myself and Ross taking the reigns as co-hosts) I figure I may get back to my own podcast. The practice, if anything, is most welcomed – as is the discovery of so much more music. I’ve also managed to start tucking into ‘Everything With Podcasting‘ and would recommend a read of chapter 14 (p166 – p179) on ‘Incorporate Standard Podcast Elements’.

I should also mention that Sean McNamara, if you haven’t listened to it already, is up and away podcasting after his involvement at the weekend. I’ve given Sean a loan of a Samson C01U USB condenser mic for a week or so and glad to see him putting it to some use!

If anyone would like to offer up feedback (listening back I can spot some practical errors, but thats how you learn, right!) by comment or email, I’m all ears! All music in the podcast is podsafe – as it should be!

Listen: Playlist Mix #4 (36 min – Download)


  1. Bernie Goldbach October 3, 2007 at 4:27 am

    That’s it! You’re going to get weekly Mixfits episodes now through the end of the year because you need some cross-fertilisation from mad tracks I’ve heard in third level earbuds.

  2. Ken McGuire October 3, 2007 at 8:32 am

    It is all about the mad tracks, isn’t it!

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