Microfilms & The Kris Kringle Konundrum

Tomorrow morning I’ll be making a cameo appearance with Microfilms, a new production company established in Kilkenny by some good friends of mine. If you’re in Kilkenny tomorrow morning, I’ll be the one freezing in a Santa suit on Kieran street, making a quick appearance as a decoy Santa before hitting the office for my day’s work.

It is great to see more of the creative talents in Kilkenny hard at work.

Microfilms are, as their MySpace suggests

… a filmmaking collective in Kilkenny operating with the intention to create new short films, music videos, animation, features (fingers crossed). We want to utilise the talents of many of our local filmmaking brethren and create top quality entertainment produce geared towards internet distribution.

Because sometimes, just sometimes, Irish films don’t need to be about men chasing cows around fields to fiddle music.

Our first production is VULTURES and it’s currently into it’s second week of shooting. It’s a web based sitcom following a hapless trio of private detectives as they run a humdrum business in a small Irish town. Our first online episode is entitled THE KRIS KRINGLE KONUNDRUM and will be aired around Christmas 2007. It’s preceded by a promotional trailer for Vulture Private Investigations which can be viewed above.

I’m sure that discussing the development of ‘webisodes’ and the video production sequence for the online market would be a welcome addition to the billing at CreativeCamp in Kilkenny come March.

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