Podcasting Over Christmas

I’ve got three podcasts left to do before January, starting with Sound System Podcast #37. Under the KilkennyMusic.com umbrella we’ll have all the staff on board for the show, the intention on looking back at what 2007 has meant to us (a lot). The podcast should be an hour long and will feature music from a selection of Irish bands who we’ve worked with through 2007.

The Sound System Podcast is into it’s second year of production, varying between music news and chat to recaps of the One Take Sessions (every three weeks). This podcast has been a learning experience for all involved and with a change of approach to it’s delivery back in the September/October it seems to have found more of a grounding, again something that will be developed through 2008. The final podcast of 2007 records this Thursday night (December 20th) and should be available online on Friday December 21st.

The Playlist Mix, which I’ve been using to both hone my own approach to podcasting and develop contacts with bands overseas has two shows left this year, one this week (likely online before midnight tonight) and one scheduled to go up Christmas week. The latter will feature a selection of bands heard across the last thirteen podcasts and again should hit close to the hour mark. I reckon between the two podcasts I’ll at least have enough musical content to get me from Kilkenny to Athlone on Saturday.

The Sound System Podcast takes a break Christmas week, returning with show 38 likely on January 4th, while the 16th Playlist Mix should arrive the day previous.

I’ve been talking to a few people in music circles about producing a limited number of shows for a new project in 2008, something going on my New Years Resolution list (which I tend to get done). I’m hoping my Eircom hotspot access arrives via email before heading off to Sligo, the O2 store promising us that they wouldn’t have any mobile broadband coverage close to the lake so I’ll be looking for good WiFi coffee spots in Ballina and Tubbercurry over Christmas!

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